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Insurance For Sports Cars: Tips and Advice

June 24, 2008

A sports car can be defined as a performance vehicle, derived from a variation of a race car, whose primary function is to provide driving pleasure. A sports car is light, fast, has high acceleration and features advanced technology. It's designs may have changed over the years but the concept of the sports car will always remain the same.

Owning a sports car can only be a dream for some people and as a result can be a very exciting prospect. When people fantasize about driving through winding roads, the wind in their hair and the sun on their thing they fail to take into account is how much insurance for sports cars can be.

Sports cars that are owned and driven within a city, generally require higher insurance premiums, because of the inevitably higher crime rates. Also the higher risks of accidents needs to be taken into account. Despite this seemingly expensive prospect it is possible to get cheap car insurance for sports car.

Some easy, and practical advice to reduce a sports car insurance quote would be to secure your vehicle with an immobilizer and steering lock. Also an alarm or a sticker which shows that your car has an alarm, will deter would be thieves. Having a removable stereo is another factor to help reduce yours sports car insurance.

Here is our 5 step guide to insure(!) You get the cheapest rates:

  1. Before you go to the show room, sit down and weigh up if you really want a sports car. Talk with people who already own a sports car and get their opinion and learn from their experiences.

  2. Look on the Internet and also phone your dealer to clarify if any cars that you like are classified as "Sports Cars" or "High Performance Vehicles"

  3. Use to get quotes from a number of different agents.

  4. Lower your premium by ensuring that you provide additional information, such as where you park your car and any anti theft devices that you might use.

  5. Ensure that you do not lie or give any false information about your car. This could result in any claims in the future being invalid and you having to pay for any repairs yourself.

The Internet has helped drivers to receive cheaper car insurance. offers a unique broker service, whereby car insurance broker will compete for your businesses, allowing you to get the cheapest quote in the quickest time.

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