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Car Insurance In Alberta

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It's important to regularly compare car insurance rates in Alberta

Drivers in Alberta must carry car insurance in order to operate a vehicle, but there's no need to overpay for a commodity like car insurance. Comparing car insurance quotes can save money. Loyal car insurance customers may think that an existing car insurance carrier automatically rewards them for a safe driving history or car insurance premiums made on time. That's simply not true!

By taking advantage of car insurance rate comparison tool, you take control of the decision to select the best auto insurance for you. Car insurance rates in Alberta depend on a variety of factors, including a previous driver record, type and age of vehicle driven, and continuity of car insurance history. Drivers without a history of moving infractions and car accidents may be entitled to reduced car insurance rates. The only way to know for certain how much money you can save on car insurance involves taking action with now.

Alberta Demographics

According to Alberta's municipal website, about 3,645,257 people live in the Alberta province. Population statistics show that Alberta's population has consistently increased since the early 20th century. According to figures collected in the 2006 census, Alberta residents enjoy a higher average after-tax income ($70,986) compared to Canada's average ($60,270).

Alberta Geography Highlights

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. Calgary is another major metropolitan center in Alberta. Both cities have populations of greater than one million people. Population density is low and Alberta residents spend time driving to work and play. Alberta is one of three 'prairie provinces' and is located in western Canada. Alberta is the fourth largest province by geography and has a diverse terrain. Residents enjoy an array of lakes and rivers for recreation, including water sports, swimming and fishing. Alberta is a nature lover's dream: Alberta's northern lands are boreal forest. The Rocky Mountains, Alberta Mountain forests and Alberta British Columbia foothills inspire residents' road trips. Visits to the Dinosaur Provincial Park and Banff National Park are frequent driver destinations.

Alberta Climate For Drivers

Alberta has a diverse climate, with warm summers and very cold winters. Because Alberta is accessible to arctic weather systems, extreme driving conditions can result. Fronts amongst air masses shift vertically, from north to south, across the Alberta Province. Temperatures can rise and fall quite rapidly.

The province of Alberta is actually named for an intense, rapidly moving winter season storm called the "Alberta Clipper." Alberta clipper storms form and descend rapidly in Alberta and the northern U.S. Here are some winter driving tips to prepare for the extreme winter season.

It's clear that Alberta drivers must prepare for extreme weather conditions all year round. Drivers in Alberta maintain their vehicles to anticipate weather patterns.

Alberta Car Insurance

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Alberta is home to approximately 70 private car insurance agencies. These agents compete for new customers according to coverage/service terms and price. All Canadian drivers must buy minimum car insurance coverage. Alberta drivers have the option to buy higher car insurance amounts according to personal preferences and needs.

Buying the right car insurance coverage gives Albertans peace of mind. When involved in a car accident, car insurance allows them to: demonstrate financial responsibility; get well, if injured; or receive financial support when a car accident causes an absence from work. Most residents of Alberta don't think about how valuable the right car insurance coverage is until they must make a claim. When a car accident happens, some Albertans realize they should've compared car insurance quotes sooner! Not all car insurance coverage is created equal and the cost of not shopping around for car insurance can be substantial. Avoid costly car insurance mistakes and keep your car insurance policy current to keep your car insurance rates low.

Not sure what the proper steps are after an accident? Read: After An Accident: The Right Interactions with the Other Driver for clarification.

Further reading on car accidents:

Albertans involved in car accidents in Quebec may receive insurance benefits at the equivalent of Quebec residents (according to the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec.) Similarly, Alberta residents involved in auto accidents in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are covered under those provinces' auto insurance laws.

General Alberta Auto Insurance Policy

In the province of Alberta, there are currently 70 private car insurance companies operating. Drivers must, at minimum, carry car compulsory 3rd party & accident benefit coverage.

Drivers can choose from a range of additional coverage plans that offer different types of coverage, such as Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils, All-Perils and various endorsement options.

Other non-required coverage options include, but are not limited to,

Some types of automobile insurance coverage are compulsory in Alberta. Third-party liability claims and accident benefits, for example, must be included in all policies. Windshield glass replacement coverage, however, is not required by law. Consumers interested in exploring more options should speak with a car insurance broker or agent and ask about the 13D.

In addition, the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board regulated premiums based on the Grid Rating System. This program sets maximum rates for basic insurance coverage. An individual's Grid rating will vary according to his or her driving record. As the rating system can be very complex, it is best to consult a car insurance broker or agent in the industry to best handle this type of inquiry.

Alberta's Auto Insurance System Changes

In 2004, the Alberta government completed an overhaul of their auto insurance system, making insurance more accessible to young drivers with clean records. Today, auto insurance premiums are a lot more affordable, however many aspects must be factored in. Please read Alberta's Auto Insurance System Changes for more information.

Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Alberta

Alberta imposes province-wide minimum coverage requirements on all drivers. These include:

Medical Coverage - Up to $50,000 per person. Massage and acupuncture treatments are capped at $250, while chiropractic treatments are capped at $750. All cases are given a two-year window.

Funeral Expenses - Funeral expenses and benefits are covered up to $5,000.

Disability Income Benefits - First, although nothing will be paid for the first week (seven days), provincial minimums provide for the payment of up to 104 weeks of total disability. Such payment is in the amount of 80% of weekly gross salary with a $400 cap; those people who are unemployed and age eighteen or older (non-earner benefit) may receive $135 per week for up to 26 weeks.

Impairment Benefits - settled through action.

Administration- All policies are handled via private insurers.

The Right to Sue for Pain - The right to sue for pain and suffering exists, with awards for injuries considered to be minor (subject to provincial legislation and definitions) capped at $4,725.

Right To Sue For Economic Loss In Excess Of No-Fault Benefits - The right to sue beyond those remedies available as a result of no-fault constraints as they relate to economic loss exists. Seek counsel for further information.

Reciprocity Agreements - Reciprocity agreements in regard to auto insurance benefits exist in the provinces of Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The relevant provincial agencies and/or one's insurer should be contacted if more information is required.

It should be noted once more that the above are minimum provincial requirements for Albertans; other policies may exist.

For more information, please read Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Alberta.

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