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Do you own your own business in Canada? Are you a lawyer, contractor, restaurant owner, personal trainer, caterer or hairdresser? Do you work in the automotive industry or in the IT field? Perhaps you own a retail store? If so, you should definitely consider purchasing business insurance so that your business will survive in the event of some unforeseen catastrophe. The success of your business can be affected by unforeseeable events and external forces which you have no control over and yet still be  liable for. With liability insurance, you can protect everything that you've worked hard to achieve.

If you're unsure about which kind of commercial insurance is suitable for the needs of your particular business, the professionals at can connect you with a qualified business insurance broker who specializes in the needs of your business. To get a better understanding on the types of business insurance policies available, visit our business insurance glossary.

The Importance of Commercial Insurance

Business insurance is not a luxury. It is a necessity that can help protect the financial stability and long-term viability of your business. The best way to get the business insurance you need is to get in touch with a commercial lines broker who can explain the advantages and benefits of the various kinds available. The online site can help you connect with a business insurance broker in Ontario and Alberta.

Kinds of Business Insurance

There are various kinds of business insurance. Each is designed to protect your commercial interests against a different range of risks. Because every business is unique, there are many business insurance coverages available including: Commercial Property Insurance; Commercial General Liability Insurance, also known as CGL; Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions or E&O; Accounts Receivable coverage; and Crime Coverage and Fidelity Bonds to name just a few. Commercial insurance brokers who work with specialize in most of these different types of coverage and can offer you expert advice about how they apply to your particular form of business.

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Business Owners Should Carry Insurance

Most people are aware that business owners should carry commercial insurance, but what is less understood is the fact that the definition of a "business owner" is far more extensive than is commonly believed. Anyone who owns a retail establishment qualifies, but so do owners of buildings that are rented, as well as some kinds of service professionals such as barbers, hairdressers, and caterers.

Owning a business does not necessarily mean owning the premises that the business occupies. A caterer may well work out of rented space or even his own home, which he may or may not own. Hairdressers commonly rent a space in a salon. However, both of them should carry commercial liability insurance to protect against, for example, the theft of tools and equipment used in the business enterprise. Home owner's or renter's insurance will not normally protect against such a loss as those policies do not usually apply to businesses.

Contractors Also Need Business Insurance

Many professionals who work for others on a contracted basis should also carry small business insurance. Such contractors include carpenters and home builders as well as those who practice specialty trades such as plumbing, landscaping, and electrical work. Indeed, most people who practice a trade that takes them into individual private homes would greatly benefit from carrying business insurance.

For example, an electrician in most cases cannot ply his trade without entering the home or business premises of his client. If the electrician should injure the client or anyone else on the premises, he could be liable for the damage caused. Similarly, a plumber who accidentally causes property damage while repairing a leaking faucet could be held liable for all the expenses related to fixing the problem. Depending on the circumstances, the trade professional could be sued and end up owing many thousands of dollars. In some cases the damages could be sufficient to bankrupt the professional's business. Business liability insurance helps to protect against these sorts of risks. Remember that it is not enough to carry a policy; you must also be sure that your policy is large enough for your needs. This is a determination that can be difficult to ascertain on your own. For best results, talk with a commercial lines broker about your individual circumstances.

IT Professionals Should Carry Business Insurance

Even professionals who do not physically enter the private premises of their clients can benefit from the correct type of business insurance. IT professionals are a case in point. With the advent of the internet, it has become possible for many IT specialists to work remotely. They access their clients' computers from a distance and perform many types of maintenance and support without ever being physically present in the homes or businesses of their clients. They may not need liability insurance as urgently as an electrician or plumber, but they certainly need an Errors and Omissions policy.

This kind of policy helps to protect the IT professional from claims that he has caused damage by not doing his job properly. For example, a network manager may inadvertently change a setting that causes virus definitions updates to be downloaded every week instead of every day. If his client then suffers a devastating data loss due to spyware or malware, the client may have a valid claim against the network manager. Depending on the details of the policy, Errors and Omissions insurance may help to pay such claims.

There are many sorts of IT professionals who should consider purchasing E&O insurance. These include web site designers, systems analysts, security specialists, consultants, and those who provide managed services. E&O insurance, however, is not useful only for IT professionals. Individuals in many other professions may wish to protect themselves against claims that their mistakes or omissions have caused damages to others. To find out if your profession is one that could benefit from an E&O policy, contact a commercial lines broker.

Whether you think you need commercial property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, or professional liability insurance, visit to get connected to a professional commercial insurance broker who can answer your questions and address any concerns you have about your business insurance needs. offers business insurance services in Canada particularly in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, including major cities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Edmonton, Calgary and every area and city within these two provinces.