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Getting Ready to Purchase Automobile Insurance

March 15, 2010

Consumers who wish to purchase insurance frequently need to obtain a policy without delay. One time when this is true, for example, is when buying a new car. Renewing a policy can be another time when it is important to obtain insurance starting as of a specified date; drivers will want to avoid ending up with a lapse in coverage.

Thankfully, purchasing new insurance or renewing an existing policy can be accomplished quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The trick is to know what to expect in advance, because this will allow you to come prepared to assist your insurance broker or insurance agent to finalize the process in a timely manner.

Essential Documents For Securing Auto Insurance

Among the documents you will need are ones that relate to the ownership of your vehicles. The following documents are frequently needed:

Obtaining coverage will also require documents related to the drivers in your household. Important items in this category include:

Unless you are pursuing a straightforward renewal, the agent will also need details about your current insurance company and policy, including such things as:

Lastly, in order to avoid any delays, you should be prepared to finalize the purchase. You will want to have a means of payment with you in order to secure a policy. Some insurance brokers and agents are no longer accepting cash as a method of payment. Credit card and cheques are always welcome, although certified cheques may sometimes be required.

Remember to have these documents ready. That way, you'll probably be able to settle matters that same day and get the auto insurance coverage you need.

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