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Who's who in insurance?

May 29, 2012

If you are looking for auto insurance, either for the first time or because your policy has come up for renewal, you might wonder whether you want to go with an auto insurance broker or an agent. Will one get you a better price over another? What’s the difference between the two? If you aren’t familiar with the insurance industry and its lingo, you’ll find it is a good idea to connect with both before purchasing your policy. While there are many similarities between the two, there are some notable differences.

Doesn’t a broker do the same thing as an agent?

Basically, yes. Both are licensed insurance representatives who can advise you on and sell you a policy. They essentially do the same thing but with one slight difference:

Whether you go with an insurance agent or broker, when you find the one you want to work with and buy insurance from, this person will do the following:

Get in touch with both, easily can help you get in touch with insurance agents and brokers in minutes. All you need to do is fill out a 3-step secure online process and you’ll be matched with brokers and agents that are able to offer you competing quotes.

Take the work out of it matches you with verified insurance brokers and agents who are looking to earn your business and gets them to call you. If you prefer, you can also call them with the contact information you are provided.

You make the final choice on which broker or agent you decide to go with. Your insurance broker or agent will clarify all the details about the coverage and the policy rate they are able to offer you. There are no fees or obligations for talking to them and getting a quote.

With, it’s your choice

If you want highly competitive insurance rates with a personalized agent or broker service, then is the right place to start.