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Whether you're squeaky clean or on the bumpy road, guides you towards lower insurance

May 26, 2009

Do you have a less than sterling driving record? Have you been told you are a high-risk driver and because of it, you’re finding it difficult to get insurance? If you have multiple accidents, a licence suspension or have previously had your insurance cancelled for non-payment of premiums, you might be considered a high risk driver.

Finding insurance doesn’t have to be difficult; helps all drivers—not just the great drivers—find insurance coverage that is affordably priced.

What is a high-risk driver?

High risk drivers are drivers who typically have had several accidents, several convictions or have had past insurance policies cancelled due to non-payment of premiums. Other lesser known high risk driving factors, like where you drive, the type of vehicle you drive, or how your vehicle is used may also make it harder for you to find insurance.

What happens if you’re considered a high risk driver?

If you’re going to drive, you must have insurance. It is the law. But, if an insurance company’s approved underwriting rules determine you to be high risk, they do not have to sell you high risk auto insurance. That’s not to say high-risk car insurance doesn’t exist. Fact is it exists because the insurance industry as a whole cannot refuse to sell you basic car insurance coverage. After all, you need it to legally operate your vehicle.

The answer to your high risk car insurance dilemma is to either locate a "non-standard" insurer who specializes in insuring high risk drivers, or to get coverage using the Facility Association. Available in Alberta, Ontario and other provinces, high risk drivers can get coverage through Facility if they are unable to find it through the regular market. By the sounds of it, you would think Facility is an insurance company; it’s not. You still need to find a licensed insurance representative to get a policy obtained through Facility, and can help you find one.

As the set of criteria for determining what is considered a high risk driver vary with each insurer, the online service can help you find a licensed insurance representative faster than if you were to call around on your own.

Losing your high risk driver status

Chances are, if you’re a high-risk driver you’ll pay more for your car insurance premiums than most people. Fortunately, it is not a life sentence. As your driving record gets better, your premiums will get lower.

According to the Facility Association, surcharges for motor vehicle convictions stay on your record for three years, and surcharges for accidents stay on your record for six years.

Three steps towards losing your high-risk driver status

1. Improve your driving record

2. Make your premium payments on time

3. Shop around

No matter what your driving record or accident history, can help you find an insurance quote. Whether your driving record is squeaky clean or you’ve had a few bumps along the way, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if there’s room to trim down your insurance costs.