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The advantage

January 12, 2009

From a shopper's point of view, using to get multiple quotes from a variety of insurance brokers is a time and money-saving tool that is easy to use and shouldn’t be passed up.

When looking for an insurance rate quickly, why bother taking the time to look up several different brokers and companies in the phone book? Instead, through you can enter your information just once and get matched with a variety of different competitors all in one go. You can then sit back and relax and wait for a broker to call you, or give them a ring if you wish. The choice is yours, so you're in control.

Combine the insurance broker advantage with

If you're in the market to shop around for insurance, chances are you don't exactly remember when you had that accident, got that ticket or know off the top of your head when you got your licence. Without the correct information, your car insurance quote may change drastically. takes the guess work out of getting an accurate car insurance quote.

Instead of just giving you a probable quote, your information is relayed to several brokers who will then verify your information is accurate and who will then call you with a true insurance quote, matched to your specific needs. You'll talk to several insurance brokers who in all likelihood will represent multiple companies, meaning more opportunities for savings, in less time, more accurately.

Benefits of

Save Time, Save Money

Because our service is fast, friendly and highly competitive, we can help you to save time, save money, and make the right purchase decision. offers a unique service, whereby car insurance brokers will compete for your businesses, allowing you to get the cheapest quote in the fastest time. Experience the difference our personalized service has to offer at