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Are you giving yourself enough time to shop around?

July 3, 2009

At renewal time it's easy to put off shopping around for the best car insurance price until the last minute, as it's not something you think about everyday. This may leave you in a mad dash to renew with your current company, instead of giving you time to properly compare car insurance rates.

You’re not alone

In the first four months of 2009, 46 per cent of visitors were car insurance shopping the same month their current policy expired. This begs the question; are you giving yourself enough time to shop around for your car insurance?

The survey of visitors showed that:

Clearly, not everyone thinks about their insurance ahead of expiry. For those leaving it until the last minute, they have less time to compare services and prices between companies which may result in paying unnecessarily high car insurance rates.

How can help you

There are many advantages to using

1. Time savings

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5. Money savings

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We know you're busy

We know you're busy and insurance is not exactly top of mind for most folks. Avoid the mad dash to renew and subscribe to’s helpful reminder service. As a subscriber to the service, you will be reminded when it is car insurance renewal time and that it is time to compare rates to ensure you are still getting the best.