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Auto Safety - Preventing Distracted Driving

Auto Safety - Preventing Distracted Driving

In today's society we are bombarded with many different kinds of distractions in our daily lives. Each moment our senses are hit with a variety of messages ranging from subtle messages such as colors or logos we see to phone calls and text messages from others. The way we handle these messages are important as is the distractions we face. This is especially true because of the dangers of distractions while driving.

The distractions that we have to deal with while driving are generally fitting into three different categories. Visual distractions such as other vehicles, people and even billboards can become dangers to drivers. Another type of distraction is the manual distraction, where the driver takes his or her hands off the wheel to answer a call, receive a text or even changing the radio station. The final type of driving distraction is called cognitive attention distraction which is the type of distraction that take the mental focus off the road. This could be due to a passenger to even thinking about family, work or personal issues.

Distracted driving has become one of the fastest growing problems when dealing with motor vehicles. It has especially become a problem with teenagers and young adults. Due to the growing dependence on the use of cell phones and smart phones, drivers have become more reliant on these devices and have been easily distracted. Distracted driving has become one of the biggest problems that law enforcement officials have to face.

How can we stop distracted driving? There are several ways that we as drivers can avoid being in a dangerous situation in driving. First, when possible, use a bluetooth or other hands-free device to send or receive phone calls. If you are unable to use a hands-free device, then stopping the vehicle would be advisable. Finally, the most important factor when operating a motor vehicle is to give your driving your full attention. Try not to be distracted by external forces such as the radio, phone or even outside factors. By giving your full attention to driving you will be operating your vehicle in a safe manner, which is important for your safety as well as all others on the roadways.

Visual Distractions

Manual Distractions

Cognitive Attention Distractions