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Drinking and Driving Resource Guide

Drinking and Driving Resource Guide

Adults have various ways to relax and have fun. Some people enjoy reading a book, listening to music, watching television or enjoying a healthy amount of exercise. Others relax by having an alcoholic drink or two, either at home or out at a bar or restaurant; but, how can people know when they have had enough to drink, and whether they should drive or not? Knowing how much people can drink and still safely drive can have an impact on the life of the driver, passengers, others on the road and innocent bystanders in the area.

There are many factors that go into deciding how much you can drink and still safely drive. One factor is the amount of time between drinks and the percentage of alcohol in the drink itself. For example, if a person consumes 12 ounces of beer once every hour and the alcohol content of the beer is 4.5% alcohol, the beer is going to have less of an effect than if the person consumed drinks with higher alcohol levels over the same time frame. Also, the size of the person drinking, and whether the person is eating plays a role in determining if they are or are not intoxicated.

Despite being aware of the many factors that can influence how intoxicated a person is, there is still a drinking and driving problem in this country. The states have enacted laws which clearly list the amount of blood alcohol content a driver can have to be considered intoxicated. Despite the efforts of the government and anti-drunk driving groups to stop driving while intoxicated, the problem still exists. While eliminating drunk driving is difficult, the most important method to combat this problem is through driver education.

To assist in learning more about drunk driving, we have put together the following resources. Please feel free to share this information with other drivers that you know.


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