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Auto Insurance In Edmonton, Alberta

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When looking for a car insurance quote, you may not remember the exact date you had that accident, or even know off the top of your head when exactly you got your Alberta licence. If you're unsure on any details of your personal driver profile then any car insurance quote you get will not be accurate either. takes the guesswork out of getting Alberta car insurance. Instead of giving you a probable quote, the information you provide (even if it is a best-guess) is transferred to an auto insurance broker and several car insurance agents in Edmonton who will then verify your information. They'll make sure the details of your driver profile are accurate and will contact you with a true auto insurance quote matched to your specific needs. Sit back and relax while a broker calls you, or contact them if you wish. It's up to you!

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Edmonton, Alberta and Auto Insurance Facts & Statistics

City dwellers have similar driving habits that result in various moving violations. Insurance rates are based on the actual driving record, which indicates the risk presented to the insurer. Lower rates are possible when the driver is willing to participate in risk-lowering activities, which might include advanced driver's training courses.

Overview of Facts & Statistics


About Edmonton, Alberta

As the second-largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, Edmonton is the sixth-largest census metropolitan area, or CMA, in Canada. Growth has occurred through the absorption of the five adjacent urban municipalities, including North Edmonton, Strathcona, Jasper Place, Beverly and Calder. Rural lands were annexed for expansion until 1982. Edmonton is the northernmost city in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, which is an important staging area for the large-scale oil sands projects that are occurring throughout northern Alberta. Diamond mining operations in the Northwest Territories are staged from the city of Edmonton, as well.

Edmonton is the capital city in the province of Alberta. Ranked as the fifth largest city in all of Canada this is North America's northernmost city on the entire continent with a metropolitan population larger than one million people.

Brief History of Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton boasts one of the earliest airfields in Canada because of its location, which has made it the Gateway to the North. Blatchford Field was licensed in 1929 as the first licensed airfield in Canada. Supplies, such as medicine, food and mail, were delivered when pioneering aviators, including Max Ward and Wilfrid R. "Wop" May, landed at Blatchford Field, which was named in honor of mayor Kenny Blatchford. During World War II, Edmonton became an important base for the construction of the Northwest Staging Route and the Alaska Highway.

Economy in Edmonton, Alberta

The oil and gas industry is a significant player in Edmonton, Alberta, which is nicknamed "The Oil Capital of Canada." In 2007, the GDP for the city of Edmonton was estimated at $44.1 billion. All industries that provide supply and service for the energy extraction engine are located in close proximity to Edmonton. Research efforts to develop new ways to find and extract oil and natural gas are conducted constantly. Alberta has massive oil, gas and oil sands that are replete with enough oil and natural gas for decades. Recent studies have ranked Canadian oil reserves right behind those of Saudi Arabia.

Educational institutions are integrated in the constant research initiatives in the gas and oil industry. This ensures that graduates will be prepared to participate in the industry.

Edmonton has a strong economic potential, ever-expanding infrastructure. Along with a strong work force, high standard of living and affordable cost of living, the city is ranked fourth on the top-ten North American large cities. Business development and investment promotion remain strong because Edmonton is known for exceptional stewardship of the environment, healthy life-science sector and growing high-tech industry.

Overview of Edmonton, Alberta

Sources: Statistics Canada, *The Canadian Real Estate Association

General Alberta Auto Insurance Policy

There are 70 private auto insurance companies in the province of Alberta which are currently operating. In Alberta, drivers must, at minimum compulsory 3rd party & accident benefit coverage.

Comprehensive, Collision, All-Perils, Specified Perils, Comprehensive and various endorsement options can be purchased by drivers as additional coverage plans. Other additional coverage options include, but are not limited to: Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles; and Family Protection. Please read Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Alberta for more information.

Alberta's Car Insurance System

The Alberta government completed an overhaul of their car insurance system in 2004, making insurance more accessible to young drivers with clean driving records. Today, car insurance premiums are more affordable, however many aspects must be factored in. Please read Alberta's Auto Insurance System Changes for more information.

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