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A Green Auto Guide for the Consumer

A Green Auto Guide for the Consumer

In the modern-day time period, people have shown a great reliance on machinery for a number of uses. We use machinery at home, work, indoors and outdoors. Machines have made out life easier by doing work for us instead of having to rely on man power. However, reliance on gas-powered machinery such as automobiles have created pollution problems that in certain areas have created serious health issues. In addition, the pollution and reliance on gas-powered machinery have created problems with the environment.

The main culprit of the environmental concerns is that of the emissions from automobiles. By using gas-powered engines, the exhaust that is emitted from the engines are causing air pollution problems. At one point in the history of the automobile, the amount of emissions were not controlled by the government, and the result was thick, black smoke from the exhaust pipe, which ended up in the air. From the exhausts from cars came the problem of auto air pollution.

In recent years, the auto industry has made an effort to improve the emissions of the autos to more manageable levels. This has somewhat slowed the problems of air pollution, however, autos which rely on gasoline power, are still contributing to the environmental problems.

However, in the past decade, the automakers are becoming more green with the newer cars. Manufacturers have started to introduce hybrid autos, biodiesel autos, cars fueled by natural gas and ethanol cars. Also, car makers are continuing to look at more advancements in automobiles and in the future electric cars are being looked at to utilize solar power.

Auto Air Pollution

History of Green Autos

Hybrid Autos

Biodiesel Fuel

Natural Gas Cars

Ethanol Cars

Electric Cars

The problems associated with gas-powered engines have continued. However, people have been diligent in looking for ways to be more green with their autos. Please feel free to visit this page often to learn about ways that autos are becoming more environmentally friendly.