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A Teenagers and Parents Guide to Auto Driving Safety

A Teenagers and Parents Guide to Auto Driving Safety

Parents of children have a tremendous amount of things to be concerned about when it comes to safety. From a very young age parents are concerned about what food children eat, the amount of rest that they get, whether the home is safe for the child, and many other factors that contribute to the safety of the child. The concerns that parents have start at a young age and continue into adulthood. The only difference is the type of concerns that parents have.

One of the biggest concerns facing parents is when children become teenagers and begin to drive. When children are old enough one of the first things they ask for is to learn how to drive. The ability to drive provides children with a great sense of freedom where they can do and go places without being driven by a parent. This sense of freedom is great for the teen, but can provide sleepless nights for parents.

The problems of teenagers driving are varied. They range from being distracted while driving including making and receiving calls and texts, and even changing the channel on the radio while driving. In addition, parents need to be concerned with the safety factors including their teens following the rules of the road, driving smartly and using seat belts. And, with the other problems that face teens, it is a major concern of parents that their kids do not drink or use drugs and drive.

We have put together this guide to be used to help parents and teenagers in driving safely. Please feel free to refer to the following resources and keep safe while driving.

Distracted Driving

Drinking and Driving

Using Seat Belts and Other Driving Rules

Graduated Driver Licensing

Teen Resources

Parent Resources


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