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Guide To Car Safety For Seniors

Guide to Safe Driving for Seniors

Driving can be potentially dangerous for a number of reasons for people of all ages. Weather can cause problems because of rain, snow, wind, sun and other conditions, which add to driving difficulties. In addition, mechanical problems associated with cars can create problems for drivers that are also out of their control. But with the baby boom generation again, a growing problem that faces millions of drivers and families every year is that of elderly drivers and when they should stop driving.

For many drivers and families, older people have been driving for many years, but with advancing years these drivers face physical and mental limitations which can affect driving ability. Medical conditions such as weakening eye sight, loss of hearing and other conditions that can cause problems for older drivers are reasons for concern about the continuation of driving. All of these factors can add up to reasons why some older drivers should not drive.

While these problems do not affect all older drivers, it is important to know when it is not safe to continue driving. The decision to continue driving is one that needs to be made by the driver and their family. Some of the factors that go into that decision would be the physical and mental awareness of the older driver . If the driver feels that they can continue to drive and not be a risk to themselves or others on the road, then they should continue driving. However, if they or the family, have concerns a discussion needs to be held to determine if the senior citizen should be allowed to continue to drive.

Driving for the elderly is an important aspect of their lives. By being able to drive they can remain independent and not depend on others to transport them. We hope that the following information will be useful in keeping senior citizen drivers safe.

Safe Driving Tips

Senior Health Concerns

Prevention Suggestions

When to Stop Driving

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