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High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes

All it takes is a few tickets or claims, and you can find yourself labeled a “High risk driver” overnight.  It can be scary when your insurance company is no longer interested in providing you auto coverage.  Fortunately for high risk drivers, there are high risk insurance companies that specialize in assessing risk and providing insurance coverage.

At, we can can pair up Canadian high-risk drivers with a high-risk insurance broker and high-risk insurance agents.

Although your insurance company may refuse to sell you automobile insurance if its approved underwriting rules determine you to be a "high risk," the insurance industry as a whole cannot refuse to sell you auto insurance in Ontario or Alberta.

Have you been told that you are a high-risk driver?  Have you had an at-fault accident?  Was your license suspended?  Have you had your insurance cancelled for non-payment or late payment?

High-risk drivers are those drivers who have had a number of at-fault accidents or convictions, had policies cancelled because they haven't paid their premiums, or have other risk-related characteristics. Such factors may include lost demerit points from: DUI, speeding, careless/dangerous, license suspensions, and failure to report an accident.

In Ontario there is an organization of last resort, which helps make automobile insurance available to high-risk drivers who are unable to find auto insurance in the regular market. This is known as the Facility Association.  As well, there are a number of "non-standard" insurers who specialize in insuring high-risk drivers. These high-risk insurance companies include: Coachman, Echelon, Kingsway, Pafco, Pembridge, and Perth.

Although nobody can guarantee you cheap high-risk auto insurance coverage, at you’ll get insurance quotes from a high risk insurance broker and high-risk insurance agents who specialize in high-risk auto insurance.

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