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Insurance Quotes for Clean Drivers over 40

March 15, 2010

When it comes to auto insurance quotes, it pays to have a clean driving record. Drivers with no moving violations and no accidents generally get lower rates than those who have marks against them; this is true for all age groups. In addition, as people move into higher age brackets, their car insurance premiums tend to drop. These lower auto insurance quotes are often a reflection of their years of driving experience.

These two factors combined mean that drivers over 40 with clean records can get some of the best rates of all. Many insurance companies have great insurance rates for this demographic, and for good reason. Clean drivers over 40 are often viewed as being less likely to get involved in accidents than younger drivers or those with moving violations or accidents already on their driving record. This means that many insurance companies actively seek out this demographic by competing with each other to sign up such drivers.

This competition takes the form of low insurance quotes. In fact, the rates for clean drivers over 40 are so good that quotes can be almost as competitive as those issued for drivers in their 50s.

Another way consumers can maximize their insurance dollar is to purchase their other insurance quotes from the insurer that they have their auto insurance through. Most companies will offer deep discounts and some may even extend those discounts to the auto insurance policy consumers began with. Additional insurance products take the form of financial protection for other items or categories; common examples are home, condo, tenant, cottage insurance or motorcycle coverage.

Drivers over 40, especially those with clean driving records, should never sign onto an auto insurance policy without comparison shopping first. After obtaining quotes from several companies, consumers can better evaluate their choices and make an informed decision about the best policy for their individual needs.

It used to be the case that drivers would have to visit insurance offices in person to obtain quotes, which meant that a consumer's choices were limited to the companies insurance brokers or agents represented. Or, drivers could leaf through the phone book and call around for quotes. Both processes took a great deal of time and also exposed the consumer to high-pressure sales tactics.

These days the insurance shopping experience is very different. With insurance comparison websites now widely available, those who need coverage can compare rates from the convenience of their own homes and receive information that is not only comprehensive, but completely up-to-date. Insurance comparison websites also allow drivers to see rates from companies that may not operate a walk-in office in their city.

Clean drivers over 40 will find that many insurance companies give them preferred rates, but since quotes do vary from one company to another, members of this demographic should be sure to comparison shop.

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