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It Pays to Be a Clean Driver

January 19, 2010

It pays to be a clean driver, with no accidents or tickets, because Canadian drivers with a blemish-free driving record typically pay lower auto insurance rates. Canadian drivers-whether they have been driving for years or are younger drivers-can keep their premiums low with discounts on auto insurance, but the lowest possible rates are most often reserved for drivers who make sure they maintain a clean driving record.

In addition to your driving history, your insurance history also plays a part in how your premiums are determined. Your insurance history includes things like your years of insurance experience (i.e. how long you've been continuously insured) and whether or not you are currently insured. Having no gaps in insurance will help in reducing rates. Many new drivers, with little or no insurance history, look to discounts to reduce monthly premiums; discounts like those available when purchasing other insurance at the same time as purchasing that first auto insurance policy. This type of discount is called a multi-line discount and is most commonly available if an auto insurance policy and a home insurance policy are purchased from the same insurance company.

A driver who has had no tickets or other traffic citations and who has never been involved in an accident are typically offered lower rates on mandatory auto insurance. This is because safe drivers have a lower incidence of claims and present less risk to insurance companies whether they are public insurance companies (government-run like those found in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) or private insurance companies (like those in Alberta, Ontario and all the remaining provinces in Canada). Therefore, keeping a clean record is the best way to keep your auto insurance costs down at any age.

When purchasing car insurance, check with your broker or agent to see if an additional discount is available for purchasing any other insurance policies you may need at the same time. Your first car can be insured along with your first apartment with a discount typically offered on both policies that will save you money month after month. Even first time tenants who may not have accumulated a large amount of valuables can benefit from the peace of mind that home insurance offers them, and when it also reduces your automobile insurance premiums home insurance becomes a very worthwhile purchase indeed.

Keeping a clean driving record and building up how many years you have been continuously insured is key to getting the best possible prices for auto insurance. Driving carefully lets you establish and maintain your record as a responsible driver, and insurance companies offer the best prices to those who are the most responsible on the road.

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