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Car Insurance In Kitchener, Ontario

Getting car insurance quotes in Kitchener, Ontario used to be a challenging task. If you're looking for new car insurance, or simply want to know you're paying the very lowest rates in Ontario, is a fast and completely free way to get competitive auto insurance rates from competing agents and brokers in Kitchener. There are many reasons to compare auto insurance quotes at least every one to two years. If you're a good driver, or if you've had a moving violation, accident or car theft in the past, comparing car insurance rates helps save time and money. simplifies and streamlines the process of getting auto insurance rates.

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When looking for an auto insurance quote, you may not remember exactly when you had that automobile accident, or even know off the top of your mind exactly when you got your driver's licence in Ontario. If you have doubts about your driver profile then any car insurance quote you get will not be accurate either.

Luckily for you, takes the guesswork out of getting car insurance Ontario. You will not receive a probable quote from us. Instead, competing car insurance brokers and agents will receive the information you have provided to us on this website. Even if the information you have provided is a best-guess, these insurance professionals will then verify and contact you with an accurate auto insurance quote matched to your particular needs. After you have provided your information on our site, sit back and relax while a broker or agent contacts you. Or if you wish, you can contact them yourself. It's up to you!

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Interesting Auto Insurance Statistics & Average Annual Cost of Auto Insurance For Drivers in Kitchener:

About Kitchener, Ontario

According to the Kitchener, Ontario municipal site, Kitchener is a city in the south part of Ontario province. Kitchener is approximately 100 km from Toronto, traveling west. As the seat of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Kitchener has a population of approximately 219,000 (2011 Census). The Kitchener Metro area includes neighbour cities of Cambridge and Waterloo. The city was called the Town of Berlin (1854 to 1912) and the City of Berlin until 1916. Kitchener is spread over a geographic (approximate) area of 137 square km. Kitchener celebrated its first century as a city in June 2012, and festivities were enjoyed by most residents. Many residents of Kitchener-Waterloo commute to Toronto, and that means residents spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car.

Kitchener is positioned in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands in the Grand River Valley, approximately 300 m above sea level. Kitchener is located in the Grad River watershed area, the biggest city of the indigenous peoples' Haldimand Tract. The tract was awarded to the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) in 1874 for the entire six mile length of the Grand River. Baden Hills rests to the west of Kitchener as part of Wilmot Township. Baden Hill is a glacier remnant and one of the highest points in Ontario. Waterloo Moraine offers many artesian well lines. The city uses these artesian wells for drinking water.

Economy of Kitchener, Ontario

According to the Economic Development Strategy initiative of Kitchener (KEDS), business thrives here. Kitchener sees itself as a place where entrepreneurs can build business. The city's culture embraces new beginnings, and KEDS wants to help entrepreneurs find the resources they need to make a permanent home in the city. They say Kitchener is "Startup City." KEDS sees exceptional opportunities for small businesses, as part of an incubator-like environment. The Economic Development Strategy wants to foster clusters of collaboration between industrial groups, schools and universities, government and international direct investors. KEDS' vision helps to attract 'talent,' or 'skilled dreamers and doers,' needed for local innovators and entrepreneurs to build long-term success. Kitchener's downtown area was designed to make resources available to entrepreneurs: KEDS says it is "one of the coolest downtowns in North America." Due to light rapid public transportation and transit/GO transit, KEDS sees Kitchener as an "innovation district." The area formerly known as the Warehouse District is rebranded to reflect the city's "multi-disciplinary centres of innovation." The Innovation District has the capacity to facilitate the needs of 19,000 new business innovators.

Kitchener's economic roots are in manufacturing. Artifacts reflecting the city's industrial past celebrate the past and look forward to the future. The economy's focus on manufacturing has declined in the past decade, but more than 20 percent of Kitchener's workers are employed by manufacturing concerns. There are four business parks in the city, including Huron Business Park, Bridgeport Business Park, Lancaster Corporate Centre and Grand River West Business Park. The manufacturing businesses make a variety of furniture, components, and furnishings, including seats.

Overview of Kitchener, Ontario

Source: Statistics Canada,

Ontario Auto Insurance Law

To be properly insured in the province of Ontario, you must carry four forms of coverage at all times: Third Party Liability, Property Damage, Accident Benefits, and Uninsured Motorist coverage.

For more information, please read Standard Auto Insurance Policy & Additional Coverages In Ontario.

Ontario's "No-Fault" Auto Insurance System

The province of Ontario has a "No-Fault" car insurance system. Regardless of who is at-fault at the scene of the accident, both parties have to deal with their own insurance provider. In Ontario, you don't have to pursue the at-fault driver for direct compensation.

For more information, please read How No-Fault Insurance Affects Drivers.

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