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Auto Insurance In Lethbridge, Alberta

Picking the right auto insurance is a crucial decision. That's true not only because it's the law, but because not all policies are created equal. As with all things of a "just in case" nature, you won't really appreciate your auto insurance policy until you need it. If you live in or around Lethbridge, Alberta, keep reading to find out more about what you can do to make sure your auto insurance policy is the best possible fit for you and your vehicle.

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When looking for a car insurance quote, you may not remember the exact date you had that accident, or even know off the top of your head when exactly you got your Alberta licence. If you're uncertain on any details of your personal driver profile then any car insurance quote you get will not be accurate either. takes the guesswork out of getting Alberta auto insurance. Instead of giving you a probable quote, the information you enter (even if it is a best-guess) is passed along to an auto insurance broker and several Lethbridge car insurance agents who will then verify your information. They'll make sure your driving details are accurate and will call you with a true insurance quote matched to your specific needs. Sit back and relax while a broker calls you, or give them a ring if you wish. It's up to you!

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Auto Insurance Costs In Lethbridge, Alberta: Fast Facts & Statistics


About Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge is the largest city in southern Alberta, and as such, it is a major economic, social, and cultural hub for the province. Due to its location and foundation on the Oldman River, Lethbridge is unique in its triune division. The southern third of the city is the economic nexus of the city, playing host to the overwhelming bulk of the community's commercial infrastructure. By contrast, the western third of Lethbridge is that section of the city which can best be described as the most upwardly mobile. Given that this section of Lethbridge is the "youngest" section, age may have something to do with this characteristic. Finally, there is Lethbridge's southern section. Oldest of the three, it is the industrial third of the community. As one might expect, its traditional population is blue-collar, and the landscape itself is dominated by factories, industrial parks, and even the remnants of the town of Hardieville, which was incorporated into Lethbridge in the 1970s.

A Brief History of Lethbridge

As far as the history of Lethbridge is concerned, there is much more of it to be found in the misty reaches of the past than in more recent years. This isn't to say that the community is stagnant, merely that its origins as a rather lawless frontier town and the history, stories, and relevant attractions and exhibits attached to it tend to make for more interesting discussion than the city's most recent sporting event of note, the 1975 Canada Games. Culturally, there have been many relatively recent developments in the community, including the establishment of several museums, galleries, and symphonies, as well as their associated sub and splinter organizations.

Lethbridge Economy

As southern Alberta's commercial and industrial hub, the community of Lethbridge employs almost 100,000 people, many of whom are commuters. Fully half of Lethbridge's employment is taken up by the hospitality, healthcare, education, and retail sectors, which are a sharp, though not wholly unwelcome, departure from the community's agricultural foundations. Transportation infrastructure also plays a large part in Lethbridge's economy; train lines, Greyhound bus terminals, and at least one airport are all major economic features of the city, and serve to connect it with many other areas of the province, and thus the country as a whole. In addition, the top five employers of Lethbridge's citizenry are governmental in nature. Household incomes range from around $30,000 per year for single-parent families to $70,000 and above for married, two-parent families. This is a little under the national / provincial average, but not unduly so.

Overview of Lethbridge, Alberta

Sources: Statistics Canada, *The Canadian Real Estate Association

General Alberta Auto Insurance Policy

Seventy private auto insurance companies currently operate in the province of Alberta. Drivers in Alberta must, at minimum, carry compulsory accident benefit and 3rd party coverage.

Drivers can choose from a range of additional coverage plans that offer different types of coverage, such as All-Perils, Specified Perils, Comprehensive, and Collision. Other non-required coverage options include, but are not limited to: Family Protection; and Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles. Please read Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Alberta for more information.

Alberta's Auto Insurance System

The Alberta government completed an overhaul of their auto insurance system in 2004, making insurance more accessible to young drivers with clean driving records. Car insurance premiums are a lot more affordable today, however many aspects must be factored in. Please read Alberta's Auto Insurance System Changes for more information.

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