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Car Insurance In London, Ontario

When it comes to car insurance in London, Ontario, you want to make sure you are getting quality coverage from an insurance provider you can trust. Adequately covering your vehicle is important to making sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

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Interesting Auto Insurance Statistics & Average Annual Cost of Auto Insurance for Drivers in London:

About London, Ontario

It's often said that Ontario's city of London is completely overlooked by those who don't have the good fortune of living within city limits. That's because Ontario, which is easily the most populous province in all of Canada, is also home to the global economic force of Ontario and the seat of the country's government in Ottawa. Even so, London is a significant political and economic force for Ontario and Middlesex County, representing a seat of government all on its own.

Though London is considered politically separate from Middlesex County, the growing metropolitan area still serves as the country seat. As such, it maintains both its own government offices and those of the wider county. Combined with a number of great cultural amenities and urban advantages, that means London is always growing and that its highways are always just a bit busier each year. In fact, London's population has increased by just under a third since the 1991 census was conducted by Canadian officials.

With major political institutions and biotechnology companies driving growth, and with local universities recruiting larger overall student bodies, London serves as a shining example of how car insurance laws in Canada can benefit a wide cross-section of society. From budget-minded students to major executives with full coverage, the province's regulations can help everyone stay legal on the road, cover the damage done during a major accident, and keep a vehicle in excellent shape for years after its original purchase date.

Economy of London, Ontario

While much of the world has experienced an economic slowdown, Canada has actually been more lightly affected by these circumstances than its American and European allies. In fact, the Canadian Dollar has gained strength over the past half-decade, largely in light of the American dollar's falling value. That has actually meant good news for London, Ontario, and the surrounding areas, where a number of new industries are taking shape to change a town long dependent on public sector jobs and political groups.

Among the top industries growing at a rapid clip in London during the 21st century are the biotechnology industry, insurance companies, and even information technology companies. That's the right mix for an information-age economy, and one that has allowed Toronto's population to increase by as much as a third over the past three decades. Home to the London Life Insurance Company, which was founded here, London's city limits are also where the Carling and Labatt breweries were founded. The city hosts a manufacturing facility for General Dynamics Land Systems, and plays host the Canadian manufacturing plants for American brands like General Motors and Kellogg's.

The Western Fair Association, which regulates entertainment and gambling in London and other areas, introduced slot machines to its facilities at the turn of the century. Since their installation, the more than 750 machines serve as a growing part of London's entertainment economy. They've contributed significantly to the city's gross product, and to tax coffers in general, for two decades.

Overview of London, Ontario

Provincial Ranking: 5                      National Ranking : 11

Source: Statistics Canada

Ontario Auto Insurance Law

To be properly insured in the province of Ontario, you must carry these four forms of coverage at all times: Accident Benefits, Third Party Liability, Uninsured Motorist, and Property Damage coverage.

For more information, please read Standard Auto Insurance Policy & Additional Coverages In Ontario.

Ontario's "No-Fault" Auto Insurance System

The province of Ontario has a "No-Fault" car insurance system. Regardless of who is at-fault at the scene of the accident, both parties have to deal with their own insurance provider. In Ontario, you don't have to pursue the at-fault driver for direct compensation.

For more information, please read How No-Fault Insurance Affects Drivers.

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