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Car Insurance In Medicine Hat, Alberta

Do you need to purchase auto insurance in Medicine Hat, Alberta? With so many companies to choose from and numerous pricing options and plans, finding the right fit for your personal needs can be a difficult task. is here to make this task easy.

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When looking for a car insurance quote, you may not remember the exact date you had that accident, or even know off the top of your head when exactly you got your Alberta licence. If you're a little fuzzy on any of your driving details then any car insurance quote you get will not be accurate either. takes the guesswork out of getting Alberta car insurance. Instead of giving you a probable quote, the information you enter (even if it is a best-guess) is passed along to an auto insurance broker and several Medicine Hat car insurance agents who will then verify your information. They'll make sure your driving details are accurate and will call you with a true insurance quote matched to your specific needs. Sit back and relax while a broker calls you, or give them a ring if you wish. It's up to you!

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Drivers must keep in mind that it is mandatory that all vehicle owners in Canada carry car insurance. Medicine Hat does not feature a government option for provision of car insurance but rather requires that it be purchased through private insurance companies. Canada imposes strong penalties for driving without insurance.

Interesting Statistics about Car Insurance in Medicine Hat


Overview of Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat lies on the Saskatchewan River in southeastern Alberta, approximately 295km southeast of Calvary. Popularly referred to as the 'sunniest city in Canada owing to its low amount of yearly precipitation and plenitude of sunshine, the city attracts many retirees. Their primary industries are natural gas, coal and agriculture. Businesses operating out of Medicine Hat include Goodyear Tires, a metal works plant, many oil and gas companies, and I-XL, a brick and clay manufacturing plant. The city has a reputation for being one of Canada's most economical places to live, due in part to its cheap utility costs. The following features other demographic information on Medicine Hat:

Sources: Statistics Canada, *The Canadian Real Estate Association

Since 2009, the population of Medicine Hat has remained relatively unmoved, growing only 0.1% up to 2012. The smaller population in relation to larger cities in Canada has served to lower premium rates, as the lower population density and car traffic translates into less opportunity for traffic accidents and car thefts. It is expected that traffic through Medicine Hat will rise once the Trans-Canada Highway is completed within 10-20 years time. Presently, plans to purchase the land necessary in Medicine Hat to complete a portion of the highway are underway.

General Alberta Car Insurance Policy

Currently there are 70 private car insurance companies operating in the province of Alberta. In Alberta, drivers must carry, at minimum, compulsory 3rd party and accident benefit coverage.

All-Perils, Specified Perils, Collision, and Comprehensive can be purchased by drivers as additional coverage plans. Other additional coverage options include, but are not limited to: Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles; and Family Protection. Please read Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Alberta for more information.

Alberta's Auto Insurance System

In 2004, the Alberta government completed an overhaul of their auto insurance system. These changes made insurance more accessible to young drivers with clean driving records. Today, auto insurance premiums are a lot more affordable, however many aspects must be factored in. Please read Alberta's Auto Insurance System Changes for more information.

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