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Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage In Alberta -

July 11, 2013

In the province of Alberta, having auto insurance that provides coverage for third-party liability is mandatory. Any insurance policy issued in the province must meet certain minimal requirements that have been set forth by the provincial government.

Auto insurance in Alberta must include at least $200,000 of third-party liability for a single accident. However, you will find that most insurers that do business in the province offer third-party liability coverage amounts that are much higher. Keep in mind that if a claim arising from an accident reaches $200,000 and includes both bodily injury and property damage, the maximum payment made by an insurer for property damage will be $10,000.

Insurance companies must provide coverage for medical payments should a person be injured in an auto accident. The current requirement is $50,000 per person for each accident. Therefore, if 2 people are injured in a single accident, the policy will cover up to $100,000 in medical payments for both. The medical payments coverage must provide payment for certain complementary and alternative therapies, up to a maximum of $750 for chiropractic, $250 for massage therapy and $250 for acupuncture.

Insurers in Alberta provide death benefits if an individual dies in a traffic accident. Payment for the death of a head of household is $10,000, plus an amount of $2,000 for every dependent survivor after the first. A survivor spouse or partner gets $15,000 for the first survivor and an amount of $4,000 for every other remaining survivor. Insurance policies must cover $5,000 in funeral expenses.

In Alberta, it is possible to sue for pain and suffering. However, there are certain limitations as to the amounts that can be recovered. For non-monetary losses associated with minor injuries, the amount is currently fixed at $4,641. This cap has been put in place to limit pain and suffering awards for minor injuries like sprains. To limit unnecessary claims resulting in higher insurance costs for other drivers in the province.

In case of disability, a wage earner receives 80% of their gross weekly wages (capped at $400 per week), for a maximum of 104 weeks (two years). Any person over 18 that is unemployed and suffers a disability as a result of an auto accident is entitled to receive an amount of $135 per week for 26 weeks (6 months). No benefits are payable during the first week of disability.

Alberta has agreements with certain provinces where the administration of auto insurance is done by the provincial government. Currently, arrangements are in place with other provinces including Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. An Alberta resident that is involved in an auto accident in Quebec and suffers injury will be entitled to get from their private insurer the same amount that the SAAQ (Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec – provincial insurance body) would pay to a Quebec resident.

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