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Back to media Publishes Guide for Keeping Your Car Insurance Current

June 17, 2013

Toronto, Ontario June 17, 2013 - publishes a guide for consumers to explain the importance of keeping your car insurance policy current. The law requires that motorists keep their car insurance in force at all times. When there’s an accident, liability has to be covered. This ensures both property damage and medical expenses for other motorists, passengers and pedestrians will be covered.

While it’s against the law to drive without an adequate car insurance policy in force, many Canadians do it all the time. For a myriad of reasons we let our insurance policies lapse and get cancelled. And, unfortunately, many take the risk of using our vehicles without insurance. This puts everyone that encounters them on the road at risk.

Getting involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist is nothing less than disastrous. Without a policy in place, there is no entity to cover the many and mounting expenses that come with an accident. Vehicle repairs, medical expenses and property damage are only the beginning. In time, there will be out of pocket expenses, loss of wages if someone involved cannot go to work, miscellaneous expenses that can include medications and more. On top of all that, as driving without coverage is illegal, your vehicle can be taken away from you. Your license can be suspended or revoked.

Even in the mildest circumstance, you could be asked by a law enforcement official to show proof of insurance. If you cannot do so, again, your vehicle can be taken from you. At the very least, you will definitely be ticketed, which will have an impact when you finally do get around to shopping for a new insurance company.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your car insurance policy current and in good standing. published a guide that details the importance of continuous coverage and keeping your car insurance current. This guide carefully offers advice on why you need to keep your policy up to date and how. There is information on the best paths to take in the event that you miss a payment or find yourself in a position where it looks like your policy could be cancelled. It discusses the repercussions of not keeping your policy current. There is also information about the best times and ways to look for better insurance rates.

Given the importance of having a car insurance policy in force at all times, this guide is an invaluable tool for all Canadian motorists who look at driving as the responsibility that it is. It will help keep your premiums low. More importantly, it will demonstrate that you, other motorists, your passengers and pedestrians, as well as property, can be safeguarded at all times.

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