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Rules Of The Road To Insuring Car Safety

Cars are a convenience that helps to improve our lives in a number of ways. However, when not used properly, they can cause terrible injuries and even result in deaths of the driver, passenger, pedestrians, or other drivers. In the United States alone, there has been an estimated 17,000 deaths annually in recent years, along with an astounding 840,000 recorded injuries associated with vehicle accidents. While some cases may truly be inevitable, the majority of car crashes can actually be avoided by diligence and safety precautions. The person driving a vehicle should always be someone who is properly trained and licensed. They should be well familiar with traffic signs and the rules of the road. Teen drivers should ideally be accompanied by a licensed adult until they are proficient. Keep in mind that even a good driver can become involved in a car crash if they are unaware of a dangerous driver nearby. Always keep an eye out for other cars that seem to be speeding, winding in and out of lanes, or drifting, and give them a wide berth. No matter what a driver's experience level might be, impairment due to alcohol, drugs, medication, or even fatigue can greatly affect their quality of driving as well as their reflexes. If a hazard or obstacle were to suddenly come up, the driver may not react in time and end up in a dangerous crash. Drinking and driving is one of the most common types of impaired driving. The best way to avoid it is to simply abstain from drinks or appoint a designated driver to take over. In many drunk driving incidents, the victims are often people in other cars. As with the previously mentioned examples of dangerous drivers, it is wise to stay away from drunk drivers. If possible, pull over or have a passenger phone the police to report the license plate, car description, and location so that they can apprehend the drunk driver and remove him or her from the roads.

When it comes to car passengers, the importance of seatbelts and other types of restraints should never be underestimated. They can make all the difference between a slightly shaken up but otherwise safe passenger and a victim paralyzed in the hospital. Children, pets, and infants should never be allowed in the front seats. Reserve these for teens or adults instead. When placing children in the back, use a child safety seat or an appropriate restraint device to help keep them snug and secure. Likewise, it also helps to keep pets secure with a pet seatbelt (typically used for large dogs), or by confining them in a pet crate. Even with all of these precautions in place, another common cause of car crashes is due to inclement weather. Winter drivers often face wet, snowy, or icy roads, as well as low visibility in fog and snowstorms. The best way to survive as a driver under these conditions is to prepare well before heading out onto the road. Ensure that the car has had a full inspection by a qualified mechanic and top up all the necessary fluids. It is a good idea to install winter tires in areas that experience heavy snowfall. Always keep an emergency winter kit in the car (including a thermal blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, candle and matches, food and drinking water), as well as standard winter gear such as a snow shovel, brush or scraper, tire chains, bag of sand, and jumper cables. Drive slowly in bad weather, while watching for black ice. The best rule of thumb is to always keep a long gap between your car and the one in front, to allow for sufficient stopping time. In very bad weather, it is simply safest to stay indoors and wait it out. Have a look through these car and driving safety resources to learn more about surviving on the road.

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