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Car Insurance in Waterloo, Ontario

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Interesting Auto Insurance Statistics & Average Annual Cost of Auto Insurance For Drivers in Waterloo:

About Waterloo, Ontario

Often referred to as the 'Loo' by Ontario natives, the Canadian city of Waterloo is adjacent to the city Kitchener. For that reason, Kitchener and Waterloo are called 'the twin cities'.

With a population of 98,780 people, Waterloo is the 52nd largest municipality in Canada. It is home to major parks, scenic geography and major waterways. In fact, the Waterloo Moraine is the regional source for drinking water to over 300,000 neighboring residents.

Waterloo's residents are from diverse heritages and ethnicities. Many people relocate to this city because of its strong economic and technology presence. It offers multiple career opportunities for its residents.

Waterloo is a popular destination for Canadians in the winter months. With moderate weather and mild temperatures in comparison to the other municipalities in Canada, the weather in December often feels like the middle of March.

The governing body of Waterloo consists of 7 councillors and 1 mayor. Each councillor represents 1 ward. The wards are Southwest, Northwest, Lakeshore, Northeast, Southeast, Central-Columbia and Uptown.

Economy of Waterloo

Waterloo has a thriving economy that is strengthened by its involvement in knowledge and service-based industries. Some of its major employers include University of Waterloo, Sandvine University and Wilfrid Laurier University.

In addition, there are hundreds of world-renowned technology industries that are located in Waterloo. It is also a sought-after destination for high-tech companies to start research and development offices. The six largest employers in Waterloo are Blackberry, Manulife Financial, University of Waterloo, Sun Life Financial, Open Text and Wilfrid Laurier Univerisity.

Waterloo has an unemployment rate of approximately 4 percent. It also has a relatively young workforce in comparison to the other regions of Ontario. In fact, the median age of the employees is 39.5 years old. From 2006 - 2016, the growth of the employed people in Waterloo will see an overall increase of 27 percent.

Overview of Waterloo, Ontario

Source: Statistics Canada

Ontario Auto Insurance Law

The automobile industry is regulated by the government of Ontario, Canada. Although there are a multitude of insurance companies and options, Ontario law has certain minimum insurance requirements which must be met. To be properly insured in the province of Ontario, they must carry the following forms of coverage at all times: Accident Benefits, Third Party Liability, Uninsured Motorist, and Property Damage coverage.

For more information, please read Standard Auto Insurance Policy & Additional Coverages In Ontario.

Ontario's No-Fault Insurance

No-fault insurance can be a confusing term. At first glance, a person might think that 'no-fault' means that no driver is at fault in the accident. This is not the case. The term simply means that regardless of which driver is at-fault at the accident, both parties have to deal with their own insurance provider. In Ontario, you don't have to pursue the at-fault driver for direct compensation.

For more information, please read How No-Fault Insurance Affects Drivers.

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