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Windshield Glass Replacement Coverage

July 11, 2013

Some types of automobile insurance coverage are mandated in Alberta. Third-party liability claims and accident benefits, for example, must be included in all policies. Windshield glass replacement coverage, however, is not required by law. Declining this particular coverage is usually done via a form known as the 13D. Consumers interested in exploring this cost savings option should speak with a auto insurance broker or agent and ask about the 13D, which is generally available for automobiles but not for trailers or recreational vehicles.

The 13D Endorsement

The 13D endorsement can save Albertans a great deal of money. Every year, insurance companies pay out many claims for windshield damage alone (usually due to stone chips). As a result, drivers willing to waive windshield coverage are often offered a reduced rate by their insurance company.

To achieve these kinds of savings, the coverage limitations are going to be significant. For example, your front windshield will not be covered for any damage except under very specific conditions. Damage due to vandalism or road hazards such as stone chips in construction zones will not be covered. However, if you have a collision or upset that damages your windshield, your policy will probably cover it even with a 13D endorsement.

The 13D endorsement typically does not impose such severe limitations for the side or back windows of a vehicle, but it will exclude all windows from road hazards. However, this may not matter since the side and back windows of a car are far less likely to experience road hazards in the first place.

Specific Glass Coverages for Automobile Insurance

An agent or broker can advise you about all the glass coverages available on your policy. If you have a car with expensive glass and you wish to specifically insure it against vandalism or road hazards, riders are often available, as are "stand alone" glass insurance policies. These may be a good idea if you live in an area that is slated for road construction or infrastructure improvements, both of which are common across Canada.

Going Without Glass Coverage

Some drivers decide to fill out the 13D form and go without glass coverage. Since this does save them a significant amount of money, it can function as a form of self-insurance. The money saved can be banked, and will then be available in case glass repairs or replacement becomes necessary.

This strategy, however, is not without its risks. In some provinces, having cracks in your windshield is a violation in itself since it is considered a safety hazard that limits a driver's vision. Penalties for windshield cracks vary by province and can range from tickets to having the vehicle impounded.

For full information on all your options, speak to an insurance broker or agent about glass coverage and the 13D endorsement and how these can save you money on your Alberta auto insurance.

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