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Car Insurance In Windsor, Ontario

Drivers looking to save money on their car insurance should shop around and compare different coverage plans. When it comes to car insurance in Windsor, Ontario, you want to make sure you are getting quality coverage from an insurance provider you can trust. Adequately covering your vehicle is important to making sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

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Interesting Auto Insurance Statistics & Average Annual Cost of Auto Insurance For Drivers in Windsor:

About Windsor, Ontario

Windsor sits in the southwestern part of Ontario and is part of Essex County. Known as "The City of Roses," it is the only Canadian city located southward of part of the contiguous United States.

Incorporated in 1854, Native American peoples first lived in the area followed by French settlers in 1749. The city has an area of nearly 147 km2 (57 sq mi) although the metro region extends to a much larger area of nearly 1,023 km2 (395 sq mi).

The city population in 2011 was 210,891 and 319,246 for the metro area. In Canada, Windsor ranks as the 23rd most populous city.

Climate here is of the humid continental type with summer, fall, winter and spring seasons. Average mean annual temperature is 9.4 °C (49 °F) making Windsor one of Canada's warmest cities. Summers tend to be humid with high temperatures, and thunderstorms are common during this time of the year.

Winters are cold with temperatures in January generally averaging around −4.5 °C (23.9 °F). Snow is not uncommon with about 52 snow days a year, but the city lies outside of the lake-effect snowbelt associated with Lake Michigan. Nevertheless, lake-effect snow sometimes reaches the area.

Economy of Windsor, Ontario

In 2006, Windsor had an experienced labour force of 108,240 workers with a participation rate of 61.9 percent and an employment rate of 55.9 percent. Tourism, manufacturing, education and government services provide the main sources of employment and businesses opportunities in the city.

Windsor hosts Canada's Chrysler headquarters and one of the company's minivan plants along with two Ford engine plants, and other automotive manufacturing facilities. Hiram Walker & Sons Limited also has its headquarters in the city along with a historic distillery opened in 1857 by Hiram Walker himself.

Having one of Canada's largest casino resorts, Windsor is a major tourist magnet. In addition to attracting visitors from other parts of the country, U.S. tourists also come to enjoy gambling at the city's Caesars Windsor hotel. Additionally, visitors come to enjoy Windsor's natural wonders including its excellent riverfront developments.

With the University of Windsor and St. Clair College in town, the city is a major provider of higher education in the region. These institutions are major employers as well, and in 2008 the University of Western Ontario opened a satellite medical school at the University of Windsor.

Although difficulties in the auto industry during the last financial crisis hurt the city, Windsor's economic outlook is relatively bright as it ranks second highest for economic potential out of all large North American cities according to FDI Magazine. The same publication listed Windsor as 7th among large North American cities of the future.

Overview of Windsor, Ontario

Provincial Ranking: 8                      National Ranking: 16

Sources: Statistics Canada

Ontario Auto Insurance Law

For drivers to be properly insured in the province of Ontario, they must carry the following forms of coverage at all times: Property Damage, Uninsured Motorist, Third Party Liability, and Accident Benefits coverage.

Drivers will receive a pink card, or Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance card, as proof of the required insurance coverage that is effective anywhere in either Canada or the United States. This has to be given to police officers upon request, and also must be shown to register new automobiles or to renew license plates every year.

For more information, please read Standard Auto Insurance Policy & Additional Coverages In Ontario.

Ontario's No-Fault Insurance

While Ontario has a no-fault insurance system, this does not mean that no one is at fault in a car accident. By law, insurance providers must determine who was at fault even providing a percentage of fault for each driver. Fault Determination Rules provide the guidelines by which the insurance companies assign fault to each driver. Laid out by the Insurance Act, the Fault Determination Rules allow for quick resolution of claims by insurance providers. However, the rules do not encompass any violations of driving laws as found in the Highway Traffic Act.

For more information, please read How No-Fault Insurance Affects Drivers.

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